Monday, April 9, 2012

Hooking Along on Spring Bouquet

The seat area of my bench cover, Spring Bouquet, is completed.

I figured out a way to straighten out the ripple edge without taking the "ripple" out of it. 

 On the wrong side I chained across the length of the ripple edges side to side and attached each chain strip to the other side with a slip stitch.

I did one row of double crochet across the chain. I did this on both ripple edges. 

 Then I did several rounds of single crochet around the whole top (down the sides and across the outside edge of the chained piece) until the top piece completely covered the seat area of the bench. 

 Using the same color yarn on the wrong side I attached the inside edge of my chain strips to the seat sewing them together.

Now I will work on the sides of the bench cover.

You can see here how the ripple edges are loose and I didn't lose any of the "ripple". 

 I'm pleased with the results.

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  1. This is just beautiful. I love the happiness and charm of it. Wonderfully done. I want one!

  2. It looks great. I like how you figured the ripple thing out, and it worked. xo

  3. What a fab pattern. Will have to take a closer look when I get off this laptop next week back home. I had quite the giggle when I read about your next trip being planned already. We are thinking the same for next winter here already. But, may have to try something new... Back home Sunday. I'm looking forward to see my tulips which I hear are all up already, six weeks early. Thanks for popping by.

  4. What a clever crocheter you are! I love this pattern and your colours are fantastic. Now I'm waiting for someone- either you or Kate - to make a blanket out of this pattern.

  5. Well, you should be pleased! It is gorgeous!!! I love the colors in this one.


  6. How very clever you finished the edge! Love the way you kept the ripple edge. Will be get to see this on the bench? I hope so.

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  8. How very clever of you to come up with that!
    It's looking great.

    I must say, I adore the Easter teacup header with the pink forget-me-nots.


  9. Love the colours and pattern, and how you finished the boarder off very nice

  10. Que linda sua manta.
    Já estou te seguindo.
    Venha conhecer as minhas mantas também e me seguir.

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