Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink Rose Plate

It's "Show and Tell" Friday.  
I discovered this pretty pink rose plate while unpacking some things that were passed down from my in-laws.  I don't remember my MIL having this dish out but I thought it would look nice hanging in our guest bedroom where I have rose pattern curtains hanging.  

I couldn't find a plate hanger in gold so I bought a black one and spray painted it gold.  I hope to take a better photo of it one of these days.  This one is a little fuzzy because I didn't use a tripod.  

I've just participated in my first "Show and Tell" and you can find other fantastic "Show and Tell" posts sponsored by Cindy @ My Romantic Home (here)
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  1. I have a plate very similar to this one!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  2. Sweet little plate! I love the detail around the edge!

  3. It's so very beautiful!!! I love roses.

    Please, drop by my Show n Tell if you can find time. I'd love your company today.

    It's HERE

  4. What a great idea to spray paint the hanger. The plate is lovely too, very fragile and delicate in form and pattern.
    I will try to visit the link.;)
    Have a lovely Friday Sandy,

  5. That plate is pretty.
    I like the gold plate holder. Looks dressed up!

  6. Show and Tells are great and so is yours!
    I just love this, so beautiful.
    Have a good weekend Sandy,
    Hugs and LOve to you

  7. Hi Sandy - Laughing! I read your profile, too, and you and I are probably the only living people who ever read Forever Amber!!!! I read it as a teenager and it was pretty racy back then. Amber and Bruce - just wasn't to be. LOL
    Loved your bunnykins I saw - what a great collection.
    It's too bad you can't live two places at once, huh? I only lived in Ohio for 12 years (my husband was from Cols but I really did like living there).
    Glad you had a good time here in Texas - come back anytime! :) Nancy

  8. I love the old stuff. Shabby/Chic will never go out of style.

    But, first, Alaska...way, way jealous. Are you cruising. If so, what ship? We have cruised a lot in the past, mostly Carb., but have done N.E. from Montreal to BOS, too. Alaska is near the top of our list, maybe next summer. This summer still recovering from the reno and know $$$$$-wise.

    About the lens for my Rebel. It's a Marco, I love it. I went for the step up to the 100mm, not the 50mm, as all that I read was that you will want the 100 pretty quickly. Still have the basic (cheap)telephoto, a new one is on my list for sure. Hard call here, I would probably get a telephoto first for Alaska.

    Have been away from Flickr for a while. Will have to review, but most if I remember correctly are in the profile edit mode and from I know I need to get back on and post some more over there soon.

    Can't wait to see what you will create with your new Michaels yarn. Great stash buster and easy travel project.

    Off and running, beautiful day here and time to get outside.


  9. I so love your pink rose plate!! Its beautiful!!

  10. Pink rose plates for me are Pure Heaven! Thank you for sharing! If you have a minute stop by
    I am giving away a pretty teapot for the month of April!