Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Inspiration!

Can you guess what my inspiration was for this granny square?  How about a well-known and famous trademark for a mustard!

I was getting lunch ready for my hubby and me yesterday when I took a second look at French's Classic Yellow mustard jar.   What great colors I thought.  Wouldn't a dishcloth look stunning in these bright colors of RED, BLUE, WHITE and YELLOW?  I had to make one to see.

Update:  I'm adding some additional photos taken outdoors with better light. 

What do you think?  
Are you inspired to design in strange ways too?
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  1. Well.....that sure opens up a lot of ideas!! Just take a look around the pantry for color inspiration!
    Great Idea!!

  2. How extraordinary, to be inspired by a mustard bottle. I totally love this.;)
    I do not really sew or crochet, but I love to take photographs, creating collages, to draw and to pant oil paintings.
    Almost at all times I am inspired by beautiful views of nature. The only other inspiration in my painting is the graceful motion in the run of horses.
    Have a lovely day dear Sandy,

  3. What a great idea for inspiration, Sandy! I love the colors. I am just finishing a pillow with lots of colors using that same pattern. Such fun.

  4. Hi Sandy,
    So fun to be inspired by a mustard bottle. The colors do look nice together but I think your turned out much prettier!

  5. Hi Sandy-
    just wanted to say...what a cute little dish cloth- yes! those colors look great together. Can you think off hand of another brand of mustard? Maybe it's the colors that sell it.
    Hey.. you could market your dish cloth...French's Classic yellow, dishcloth... sell a million of 'em.

    I'd pity your tired fingers....(snort)

  6. Hi Sandy,
    I saw this on Flickr had to stop by for another look. Really beautiful piece of work. I will have to search my cupboard now for inspiration!
    Well done,
    Hugs and Love Good weekend to you.

  7. and those colours are so lovely and cheerful for the kitchen too. Inspired !!

  8. Wonderful mix of colours which reminds me of our Twistie packets. I have always loved that colour mix

  9. Do I need to answer that? You know I get inspired by the strangest things....he-he... I will never look at Mustard the same.....Where's the Ketchup.

    Friday Nite Hugs,