Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Granny Square Twinkle Star Garland

Doesn't this Granny Square Twinkle Star Garland sparkle in the sunlight hanging outdoors!

I made these stars using the very talented and fantastic Michelle's The Royal Sisters Twinkle Tutorial (posted here).   I posted about making my first star (here).  These are super easy to crochet.  I blocked them with spray starch to give a little body and strung them with pretty ribbons.  Two have vintage red buttons attached to their centers (...because in the middle of project I ran out of red yarn).  LOL!  All made with my favorite yarn - Sugar n' Cream Cotton yarn using a F hook.  

And here are some close ups...

And individual close ups...

I'm looking foward to making more of these garlands - Michelle has Grandma tutorials for several different shapes - Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, All Rounds and of course, the Twinkle (star), and just new All Square.   Please hop on over and visit Michele's blog (here) to see her lovely crochet items and have fun trying her tutorials out.

I'm in love with these RED, WHITE and BLUE stars!
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  1. I can tell you are 'in love!'. These are absolutely beautiful! Colours too, absolutely lovely hanging on that line.
    Well done for having a go !
    Beautiful day here today.
    Just off to take some more photos!
    Love to you
    Hugs Suex

  2. okay so i realllllly love these. Have to make some. red white and blue of course. i hope you don't mind me copying the colors?????? that is if i have them. or if not i Could always buy more sugar and cream yarn. Right??????
    thanks for the new site to visit.
    Have a Great Day.

  3. Oh, simply gorgeous.;) I love the combination of colours and how all the star are different, yet they fit together.;)
    Everyone around here is simply so talented.;)
    Have a lovely Tuesday dear Sandy, mine is already over.;)

  4. These look great, Sandy. You are organised, getting ready for 4th July :-)

  5. This turned out lovely!

    I enjoyed looking through your posts of all your crochet projects, lovely china, and baby bunnies (cute!!!). Lovely visit all the way through!