Saturday, April 24, 2010

My New Cute Signs!

Aren't these signs adorable!

I'm so excited to show my new signs I ordered from Dee @ Farmhouse Mercantile.   Dee makes the most beautiful signs and I love mine.   Here's where I hung them.


 This door is in our kitchen leading to our finished basement.  I've never hanged anything on a door before because I didn't want to make a nail hole.  So you ask "How did I hang this?"  I used those neat 3M Command Wall Mounting Strips.  If you haven't used these already they are mounting strips that can be applied and removed without leaving any marks or holes.  They were so easy to mount.  I just snapped them together, peeled off both sticky sides and stuck the mounting strips on the sign back and placed the sign on my door with a little pressure for about 30 seconds.  Then I carefully pulled out on the sign to remove it from the mounting strips left on the door.  I just waited an hour to allow the glue to set and stuck the sign back up.  These strips will hold up to a pound but you can buy the strips based upon the weigh of the object you are hanging. 

The other sign I mounted the same way in my sewing/craft room in our finished basement.   

I'm so happy with my new signs.  Hop on over to Dee's blog (here) to see more of her beautiful signs.  I'm so glad I did and you will be too. 
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  1. Sandy-

    Your new signs are SEW cute! I like the Country Dreams... thanks for the info on the 3M wall strips; I wondered if they worked as good as advertised.

  2. Love....Love....Love your signs!!

  3. Hi.. I noticed on flikr how you wished you had a set of those sweetheart hoosier cabinets. Today I was cruising craigslist and came across a set of them in Buffalo NY.. way too far for me to get but maybe not for

  4. Beautiful signs, and what a clever idea of how to hang them. I always struggle with my Christmas wreath, as I do not want to make holes on my front door.
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  5. OOh I love them. I'm popping over to have a look!
    I have taken a tour into your craft room too!
    Oh lucky you! I have to make do with the kitchen table. Showing work space areas has been fun on Flickr
    Have a lovely evening,
    just posted no.8 on.
    Love to you Suex

  6. Oh Sandy, The signs look just adorable in your home! What a fantastic idea with the 3M strips too, I would love to share this idea (post) in The Mercantile if that is alright with you? Thank you again for your business, I'm so happy you were pleased with your purchase. Now I'm off to catch up on your posts! Happy Spring!
    Hugs, Dee

  7. Cute signs...but even better thread holders!!!

  8. Hi Sandy,
    Your new signs are wonderful, very cheery. That is good information on the mounting strips, may have to give those a try.

  9. Hi Sandy,
    I love your signs and the two chipmunks over your door are adorable! I'm just over from Kathy's blog. Seems we both love teacups! I host a tea party on Tuesdays; would love to have you stop by. Wishing you a lovely week filled with sunshine.


  10. Your signs are cute! Although the wood signs seem to look heavy, were the mounting strips able to hold them for long? I suggest that you use sturdier mounting materials for it to avoid from falling and cause accidents.

    Carl Patten

    1. Thank you! These wooden signs are NOT heavy - they are very light weighted wood so I haven't had any problems with them. However, I tried using the 3M Command Mounding Strips to hang a glass dish and a glass clock and the strips didn't hold and both fell to the floor and broke. Luckily Hubby was able to glue my glass clock together again and this time I hung it with the appropriate nail picture hanger.