Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Bunnies

Aren't these baby bunnies adorable?  

Our neighbor called us over this week to show us a bunny nest he found in his yard.  We were amazed because these babies were just buried under a clump of dirt - very close to the surface.  We always thought that bunnies dug deep burrows for their homes.  This nest was right by the house and next to the steps going up to their deck.  Our neighbors have a dog that goes in and out of there all the time.  Both this neighbor and their next door neighbor have dogs that are loose.  

After looking at the babies all of us were standing around talking with the two dogs running around when we realized that one of the dogs had quickly grabbed one of the babies and ran off with it.  We heard a little tiny squeak and before we could stop the dog the little baby was gone.  

Oh, the circle of life...I hope the remaining babies make it.  Maybe that why bunnies have so many babies.
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  1. Just found your blog. Those baby bunnies are adorable. Naughty dog, right? Hope the rest live to grow up.

  2. Aw!
    cute bunnies. Too bad about the one - but the dog was just doing what they do, 'being a dog'.

  3. Oh, this was a cute and a sad post as well. I hope the bunnies will make it.;)
    The picture is priceless.

  4. What cutest animals ... I also have dogs when something comes along so we try to save them.
    Visit his blog for a long time I am a Brazilian who turned his fan, your gear your photos inspire me a lot. You Americans are very capricious.