Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Spring Is Here!

Green Spring has arrived here.

I'm posting some photos of our back yard taken this week.  Everything is budding out in our yard.  You can see our River Birch (the one with the three white trunks), our Red Maple (out in the yard) and our Serviceberry (at the corner of the deck).  

We planted the River Birch in front of a staggered row of Leyland Cypress evergreens.  The white bark of the River Birch shows off nicely against the dark green of the Leyland Cypress.   The grass is lush and green with all the rain we have had this spring.  The Serviceberry will have berries in the summer that the birds love to eat.  We have a shallow back yard and then the one side of the yard - where the red maple tree is - extends out in a large pie shape.  

One of these days I hope to add some color with flowers around the screened in porch/deck.  I will be filling the flower boxes of the shed soon with bright and colorful flowers. 

Have a Great Day!  

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  1. Dear Sandy, I am back again! Sorry about the comments trouble, I know that can happen.;)
    I still love your collage, as much as I did yesterday.;) You are way ahead of us, here we have a few weeks to go before we see green.;)
    Have a lovely day my dear friend,