Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Crocheted Stool Covers

Another cute crocheted stool cover.

I actually crocheted this one first in yellow, red and country blue yarns.

The pattern, Crocheted Flower Medallion, is free and can be found (here).

Don't they look cute together?

So true…ah…retirement…finally time to do what I want.

Details on these stool covers can be found under my Ravelry projects (here).

Maybe you would like to try one?


  1. They are just perfect Sandy, I love them. I am looking forward to retirement but it is a long way away still.

  2. These are the cutest covers I have seen. You are certainly getting lots of crocheting done in retirement. I used to crochet on the subway, when I worked in Manhattan, and during my lunch hour. lol