Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Lace Christmas Tree

My Lace Christmas Tree

One thing I like about my sewing store's monthly Embroidery Club is the instructors are always having us try new techniques.  

Stitching out one of the interior lace panels.

This project was spread out over the summer months and now I know why.  

It's because it took FOREVER to stitch out.  
It wasn't difficult to do because there is no changing of thread and the machine does all the work... but to stitch out all the parts took between five to six hours.

So while the machine is stitching away I do other things in my sewing/craft room. 

The design lace pattern.

I swore during the put-together stage I would NEVER do another one.  

Manually attaching all the tiny button and/or loops was a pain.  

And it wasn't until almost the last ones that I figured out an easier way to do it. 


One of six interior panels.

This is stitched directly onto the wash away stabilizer.

See the tiny buttons and loops on the sides! 

Now that it is finished I love it!  

It glows so beautifully when a multi-colored battery light is placed inside the tree. 

Love my TruEmbroidery Software.

I was able to combine all 18 appliqués into one hoop.

The white organza (semi-sheer) fabric is lovely appliquéd on the exterior lace panels.

This little tree will go beautifully with my Department 56 White Christmas village.  

Six inside panels and 18 fabric appliquéd exterior panels plus an angel topper and ice pond.

I bought green organza (semi-sheer) fabric and thread to sew a green tree too...someday.  

All attached except the last side.

There's a whole village set to this collection.  

Maybe if I do one a year...?

Tools to attached the pin and tweezers.

And did I mention it takes a lot of thread!  

I use up a brand new large spool of white thread and GUESS WHAT...there are different shades of white thread!  

I have a two-tone white threaded tree because I didn't realize this.  


I'm sitting with a heat pad to my upper back as I type this.  

I pulled a muscle in bed this morning and I swear I barely moved when it happened.

Oh, by the way, I finished my "Party with Patrick" wall hanging, "Ho, Ho, Ho…" and will post it soon.

I'm crocheting quite a bit in the evenings now to work on my "Breezy Begonia" throw.

Now to think about how I want to join the squares.

Life is tough when one is retired!

I love having endless "play" time again!  


  1. This is some labor of love, Sandy! I know the machine is doing most of the work, but joining the pieces! Wow!

  2. Forgot to add, looking to that begonia throw. I like begonias.

  3. Wow, a lot of work but it looks lovely.

  4. It is easy to see why it took forever, but "OH MY" it is lovely.
    Merry (early) Christmas!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)