Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Wall of Books


This is the view of one wall in our upstairs "Paperback" room.  

Can you tell we love to read!

We have books in just about every room in our home.

We recently cleaned out this room and gave around 800 paperbacks to Good Will.  

Some were so old the pages were yellowed and/or falling out.

My Hubby put up these shelves (I sanded them!).

They are just the right size for paperbacks.

Believe it or not we have two more bookcases in this room filled with science fiction paperbacks.

One of my favorite authors...Taylor Caldwell.  

You must read "A Prologue to Love" is wonderful and sad at the same time.

I read it in 9th grade - that started my love of this author's works.

The beat up book with the rubber band is her masterpiece, "Captains and Kings". 

You may remember that was a TV miniseries many years ago with the fantastic Richard Jordan.

Apparently it's available on DVD now.

I'll have to put an order into Amazon!

With all the junk that comes out of Hollyweird these days...why can't they do a miniseries on Colleen McCullough's "Masters of Rome" series?

You probably watched and/or read "Thorn Birds" another McCullough masterpiece.   

Some more well read books from John Jakes.  

You may also remember the great 1985 miniseries "North and South," with our beloved Patrick Swayze, based on John Jakes book of the same name.   In case you didn't know...there's more than one book to this historical series! 

I have "North and South" on DVD! 

This week we plan to go to Ikea to look at bookcases for the remaining wall without any books.  We like their "Billy" bookcases.  I want to move some of our reference hardcover books upstairs to make more room on our Danish wall unit in our living room for newer hardcover books.  

Do you like to read?

Are you crazy about books like we are?

No Kindle for us at Teacup Lane...we like to hold real books in our hands.


  1. I resisted the idea of a Nook forever then my dad bought me one as a gift in the fall and I do love it. But nothing beats the feel and smell of a REAL BOOK! I did afterall give birth to a daughter who is a full fledged librarian! My entire house bulges at the seams with books of every kind and every genre. Happy reading to you and yours!

  2. I loved the Thorn Birds, the book even more than the mini series with "Dr. Kildare" (I can never remember his name right away lol oh yes, Richard Chamberlain.) I still like to read a good book, but have to admit I wouldn't mind a Kindle or Nook, too. xo

  3. You bet we read it's been a lifelong habit of ours. We each have a Kindle now & I'm trying not to collect too many actual books. As you can see from my blog I'm finding homes for a lot of mine and I sold a bunch of them through a friend's shop and I always have some up on Amazon. Right now book club is reading East of Eden which we all read years ago but have forgotten most of so it's fun to read it again. I have a very old copy of that of my sisters. There are some books I keep and then those I let go so as not to have to build more shelves. Jeff sure did a lot of work there on those shelves, very nice.

  4. I love to read good books also, not the sappy romance novels that are abundant in the stores. I have read all of the North and South books also. The Captain and Kings miniseries sort of rang a bell. I remember my first minseries had Peter Strauss and the name had "Kings" in it. I agree with you about holding an actual book in my hands.

  5. This is great! It makes me want to build a floor to ceiling bookshelf for my home! :)


  6. Wow I have just recently became aware of Taylor Caldwell. I too love her stuff. Captians and kings! I cannot believe you have them. I love your book room so very lucky!

  7. I too recently gave away a lot of paperbacks, I was almost crying partying with them, it was like having to say good bye to good old friends.;)
    Love all your images and what a lovely collection you have.;)