Saturday, May 29, 2021

My Screened In Porch

 I spent Saturday last week scrubbing down my screened in porch with Spic n’ Span using our boat brush and rinsing with the hose to remove all the pollen, dirt and grime from winter and spring.


I almost finished it in one day and didn’t feel sore, although maybe a little tired.  But so pleased it was done and I could use the porch before the hot and humid summer weather starts.

I had already paid to have the house, deck, driveway and sidewalks (sealed too) professionally powered washed a few weeks before. 

I store the porch furniture cushions in a storage bin over winter and I always cover the furniture with painter’s drop cloths.  

I am thinking of turning the screened in porch into a 4 season room.   Breaking it down, setting it up and all the scrubbing is more work than I want to do as I age.  But I would love to be able to sit out there anytime, any season.  My plan is to have large windows that I can open to make it feel like a screened in porch but be able to close it up to keep out the pollen and dirt.

I made a big change in my routine recently adding weekly strength exercising sessions.  I’ve read that strength exercises are even more beneficial than cardiovascular as one ages.

MaxStrength Fitness was running complementary free sessions so I decided to bite the bullet and try it out at age 74!  They recommend two twenty minute sessions a week.  The exercise room is kept very cool so you don’t even work up a sweat.  They work you on different machines until your muscles are fatigued.  I like it because it it nearby and I can be done and home in an hour.  

Next Friday I’m having my neighborhood lady friends over for lunch out on my screened in porch.  Everyone brings a lunch and I will provide the drinks.  We are all vaccinated and can social distance on the porch easily.  

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  1. Your luncheon with friends so wonderful! Hope you gals have lots of fun being together♥