Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Saturday so far...

I'm finally sitting down after finishing my Saturday chores. 

 I decided on Granny Roses in red, white and blue for the back of my Stars and Stripes pillow cover.

Now I'm filling out the border with double crotchet stitches in white, blue and red until the back is the right size.

I think I will just put one white Granny Rose on the front flag blue portion.

We're still plugging away in our craft/hobby rooms. I hope to be able to show some photos soon. 

 It won't be cutesy until later. Once it's organized I can get my cutting table and buy some pretty fabric to cosy up the space.

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  1. Your craft room is going to be awesome, I can just tell. Love this patriotic pillow. xo

  2. The red, white and blue is so fun and vibrant. The one rose will look good and tie the pretty back full of roses in nicely. :-)

    Looking forward to the craft room. It's a big job, I imagine.

  3. Your pillow is going to be to die for. So cute! You'll have to rotate it back and forth each day. I don't know which side I like the most.

  4. Hello Sandy...I have an award for you over at my blog...stop by when you have a minute.
    Eileen :)