Monday, July 2, 2012

My Stars & Stripes Flag

I had forgotten all about this blue and white checkered tablecloth. 

 It was packed away with my linens with stains I wasn't able to remove. 

I soaked it in Oxiclean and all the stains came out beautifully.

It makes a nice table top runner.

I don't think I will finish my flag pillow cover in time for the 4th of July holiday. 

 I just discovered a dropped blue stitch I will have to frog back to to correct.

Did I ever mention my paternal grandfather was born on the Fourth of July? 

 Yep, in 1896... 116 years ago.

Happy Birthday Granddaddy!  

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  1. Flag is coming along nicely, Sandy. Have a happy July 4th holiday. xo

  2. Sandy, don't you hate when you drop a stitch! Looks like it will be great when it is done. I have a flag needlepoint pillow that will be done someday too! Laura

  3. Ha! I'm making a huge crochet flag too!
    more of an afghan size-- probably won't cover a person well, as it is longer than wide. But I'm thinking it will drape a bed nicely. I'm making it for my sister in law. She has been letting us stay in her home the weeks we have to drive to Central TEXAS for The Honey's V.A. appt's. She has a red, white, and blue guest bedroom. He's a Veteran... so I thought it would be a nice 'thank you' gift.

    I was hoping to be done this holiday. But I'll just have to present it when it's finished...hopefully by the next appt.

    I like yours. As well as all your patriotic decor.
    Oh! and My paternal grandfather was a 4th of July baby too! He was born in 1914

    have a wonderful 4th, my friend! Pat