Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black & White

You know I love COLOR but black and white can be stunning.

Love these beautiful black and white horses...

Especially black beauties...

Prince Charming's white horse...

How about a black and white horse...

Love this black and white horse photo with her baby colt...

Bring black and white into your home too! 

 These are the colors I have in our guest bathroom.

Isn't this a lovely black kitchen island - with white dishes?

This is a nice way to bring black and white into your bedroom without being too masculine.

Wish I could find a black and white rug like this one for my black and white guest bathroom.

These designer heels are so pretty but I could never afford them.

Black and White Poppies? 

 Love them!

I would love to add this glorious black and white teacup to my teacup collection.

A black and white granny ripple would go with any decor. 

 I may have found inspiration for my next crochet project.

What a beautiful black kitty!

Yes, I love Black and White!

How about you?

(Source:  all photos from Pinterest)

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  1. Black and white is stunning, only room I would not care for it would be a baby's room, yet those are the two colors a newborn can see. I love black and white dishes, that tea cup is special. In my next home (when there is a next home) I will do something in b&w. I love black and cream, too. xo

  2. What stunning pictures! Love the horses! I would love to have black and white toile in my bedroom.

  3. The black and white looks stunning, love the horses and lucky black kitten.
    Carol xx

  4. OH my goodness, what a lovely post today!!! I would like to add the black and white tea cup to my collection too...
    I posted some of my tea cups today.
    I enjoyed my visit with you,
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth

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