Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lazy Days Are Here...

I am so excited!

Yesterday we ordered our new Lazy Boy furniture to replace our old - and I mean OLD...over 25 years old - dark blue (huge) five piece Sears modular unit.

We splurged and ordered two power recliners and one smaller manual recliner for our family room.   

Hubby's requirements weren't much - a recliner comfortable for him and one with a high back for neck support!  He's tall at 6 feet.  

Our family room is our TV watching room so we wanted to have chairs that would be comfortable to sit in to watch a movie for a few hours.  We decided not to have another sofa in the room just four chairs.  We wanted more room to get to our windows and our wall units.  

Here are the two fabrics I picked and Hubby approved.

The flowered blue and red fabric will be placed on the smaller manual recliner (chair style shown above).  This little recliner is very comfortable too.  

The solid light blue fabric will go on the two power recliners we ordered.

This is the power recliner style we ordered. 

 We have Lazy Boy furniture in our living room and love it - you can't beat the comfort. 

I like to have the foot rest completely filled in with padding and these chairs fit that requirement.  Oh, I forgot, the power chairs rock too!  

I love rockers!!!

We ordered the two power recliners to include the headrest and lumbar options.  The headrest is so neat.  It's going to be great to be able to adjust our head position for TV viewing.    

The power positions available are limitless.

Take a look at the remote for the power recliners!
(Sorry for the fuzzy photos - lack of light)

I love the touch of red I'm bringing into our family room.

Red is my favorite color followed by blue!

I moved this blue leather Ethan Allan wingback down to our family room from our upstairs library. 

 I inherited this lovely chair/ottoman from my brother. 

 The leather had been badly scratched by a cat so we purchased additional flowered fabric to recover it someday to match the small new recliner.  

Now we (...ah...I) have to wait until September to get our new Lazy Boy chairs.  

I'm not good at waiting!

I'm good at whining though!

You will have to wait until September to see our new chairs.  

So no whining! 

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  1. I love the last quote, Sandy. Your fabric choices look wonderful, and you will be enjoying those recliners. xo

  2. How will you ever get out of those comfy chairs.