Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheap & Easy Dry Eraser Board

I'm still working away down in my craft room - reorganizing & de-cluttering my mess. 

 We moved the big cabinet out and repositioned the craft tables against the back walls.

The cabinet is very heavy but we were smart and left the moving pads under the corners the last time we moved it.  Those moving pads are wonderful - if you haven't used them you should.  We have several sets on hand to help us move furniture.

This is the "closet" we decided to put shelves in - this space was "roughed in for plumbing" by the previous home owners for a future powder room.  Previously this "closet" was filled with large plastic bins filled with...yep, you guessed stuff.  I have a lot of stuff.  Too much stuff.  This "stuff" will probably be given to Good Will or tossed out.    

Yesterday as Hubby was putting up the wall thingies (he says they are called shelf upright supports) he happened to wandered into a deep, dark corner of our unfinished area of our basement and found a cardboard box with a front panel insert for our old dishwasher we replaced last year. 

As we talked about throwing the panel out since we didn't have that dishwasher any longer - I wondered if I would have  use for it.   Hubby isn't having an easy time de-cluttering our home with me around. 

The dishwasher insert panel wasn't magnetic but as I looked at it an idea popped into my head that it would make an ideal dry eraser board - if the dry eraser pens worked on it.

This is the white side of the dishwasher panel the other side is almond. 

 Remember when almond was the "in" color to have in your kitchen?

I ran upstairs and wrote on it with one of my dry eraser pens.

Success -  the dry eraser pen ink wiped right off with my eraser. 


I attached it to my kitchen pantry door with - yep, you guessed it - those wonderful removable 3M Command strips.

Easy, cheap....actually favorite kind of recyclable project.

I have to go through all my stuff that was out on my tables.  And under my tables... 

 And decide what can be stored in my craft closet on the new shelves. 

 All the shelf supports are up today - thanks Hubby!

 We have to determine the boards sizes for each wall and purchase the wood.  Hubby just ran out to Lowe's/Home Depot to look at brackets and wood.  

I like the openness of my craft room now. 

 There is plenty of open floor space for my future cutting table.

I like this cutting table I found (here) because the sides fold down and it's on wheels but I would prefer it in a slightly larger size.  I'll have to research some more.    

So the moral of my story is...if you have extra dishwasher insert panels just sitting around (like we did)...

...try hanging one (like I did) as a dry eraser board.

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  1. Great idea Sandy! :)

  2. Very nice. Your craft room is coming along rather quickly. xo

  3. Dear Sandy,w hat an excellent idea.;)) Enjoy your Monday.;))

  4. What a great idea that was! I know I wouldn't have thought of that!

  5. Great idea and best of all free.