Sunday, July 15, 2012

Loving My IKEA Shelves

Last week we journeyed to IKEA to look at cabinets and shelves.

We liked this white shelf unit and brackets combination. 

 We knew we would need smaller length shelves and were pleased that these shelves could be cut to size.

This is my little laptop corner in our kitchen I use for blogging. 

 Hubby installed this tiny IKEA desk shelf previously (here).

It was working very well for me but I wanted to have some shelves next to the little desk to put my coffee cup, land phone, weather radio, lamp and books.

Back out to the garage to cut one long shelf into two shelves.

Measure twice, cut once!

Poor Hubby - he is always working (for moi) in tight, dark corners!

Up go the brackets.

These shelves are in solid - they aren't moving at all.

My little blogging corner all finished!

I moved my Teddy Bear cookie jars over here to free up space on my kitchen counter.

This thing sat on the floor on the other side of our half wall with all the black cords hanging down - an ugly eye sore viewing from the family room.  

Look at all the dust!

Now it sits on the bottom shelf on the kitchen side with all the large black plugs hidden.

 I still have to tie up the hanging loose blacks wires - but what an improvement.

We have another small project to show you soon in my craft/sewing room. 

 But I have to give Hubby a break - he's been working hard on my projects.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. What a cute blogging corner!! See how much you are loved? :-) xo

  2. I love IKEA, I don't think I've met anybody who doesn't yet.
    Your blogging corner looks wonderful. Small, compact but very functionable.
    You've got a special hubby there :)

    Ruby x

  3. Wow,Sandy!
    This little corner is fantastic. I love the way it looks. I think it is the perfect spot for blogging and teddy bear cookie jars!


  4. Wow, Sandi! What a great little workspace you have created there. You have a very accommodating husband. Lucky you !!!

  5. Look at your neat little blogging corner! Love the shelves. I have a "thing" for shelves and lamps. I'd have them all over...oh wait, I do have them all over my house! I like your tan and white gingham valance too.

  6. Looks wonderful! However, does your husband use a safeguard on his saw???

    The son-in-law of a friend is awaiting medical advice as to whether he will lose a thumb and 2 fingers. He says he likes working fast and no guard.

    Sorry for a downer.

  7. I love your cozy little blogging corner! Hubby did fantastic work. Thanks for joining my blog party!