Friday, July 6, 2012

An Apple a Day

Hubby and I went to Camping World this morning and stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch. 

 I love Cracker Barrel - especially their grilled rainbow trout and pancakes.

Because I'm counting my daily calories I have to watch meals out as they can be loaded with calories. Cracker Barrel has a kids menu for "kids of all ages". 

I hate restaurants that limit their smaller portion meals (usually their kid menu) to age 12 and under. Cracker realizes not just kids want or require smaller portion meals.

Anyway I like to order one pancake - I keep the calories down and satisfy my taste for breakfast food.

As you know Cracker has a gift shop loaded with cute stuff. When I saw this cute red apple cup and plate I couldn't resist it.

After all my goal is to bring pops of red into my home!

Speaking of red...Isn't this red, white and blue bed cute? 

 Wish it was mine.

I want to go camping! 

Hubby says its too hot! 

 If this heat wave breaks I want to go to Cape May, NJ then take the ferry over to Lewes, DE. 

 We can't go next week we're getting our carpets cleaned. I'm getting restless which is strange because usual hubby is the one who wants to go.

I'm crazy about this iPhone app called "Tiny Towers". 

 It's addictive and very fun to play. 

 One of the better free apps.

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  1. Does your travel van have a/c when it isn't moving? I think it will be better next week. This weather is nuts. Very cute apple cup and saucer. I like CB too, I usually just go to the gift shop. I do enjoy their breakfasts. xo

  2. Oooo...I love the plates in the last picture!

  3. I agree. The grilled chicken tenders portion from the kids menu is a fave of mine. They are the only restaurant I know of that lets me eat the portions I want! Love their decor, too. Could buy so much from their store!

  4. I can't believe it again, Sandy, my Hubby and I just returned from a road trip. We go to Cracker Barrel on every road trip - I always order the Chicken and Dumplings from the kids menu and three days ago I had that plate in my hand to purchase but changed my mind at the last minute. Oh man, I gotta' go back, it is so cute! :-)