Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thoughts of Spring...

With all this snow and cold...burr...everywhere I thought I would bring some thoughts of SPRING to the blogging world.  This is a Easter Bunny place mat I bought last year and hung on my interior front door.  I used magnets to hang it.  Isn't it cute!  

The Bunny (place mat) goes beautifully with the E.A.S.T.E.R. banner I made - don't you think?  I also attached the banner via magnets.  Notice all the different colored ribbons used on each letter.  

Hope my SPRING banner gives some warmth to those of you chilly on this winter day!   
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  1. That is so cute.

    I like the idea of using magnets to attach it to the door.

    So sweet.

  2. Looks lovely.
    I'm looking forward to Easter too - in Paris !!!!
    Now I promise I'll stop carrying on about France and Paris. We have booked everything so it's all organised .
    Now back to finishing my quilt

  3. How very springy! Very cute and made me smile on this chilly evening!