Thursday, January 21, 2010

Change is Good

I was busy rearranging and moving these yellow tulips from a basket to this hand blown glass vase last week while I was cleaning up all the Christmas decorations.  The clear glass vase is an anniversary gift from my hubby.  It was hand blown at a local artisan shop.  It is nice to have a change and I like how the tulips look on my fireplace mantel.  The teapot was my Mother's - a find of hers in her retirement years (update:  I realized my Mom had some other dishes marked "Hall" so now I think she may have had this teapot from the 1940s).  The framed landscape belonged to my in-laws. 

Here's the legend on the bottom of the teapot - nice to see something made in the good, old U.S. of A.!

Sometimes CHANGE is good (especially when I can control it)!
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  1. Hi Sandy, I agree with your husband! Use your cards to create crafts that will have meaning to you. I just love the tea cups and tea pots you share. I just saw this one in my local antique mall. It looks like Aladin's Lamp. I especially love the green tea cup and saucer you shared a few posts back. Crocheted flowers - oh my list of "to do" is growing so long! Thank you so much for visiting, and have a lovely weekend ahead. Elizabeth

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, sandy - do call again. Yulips are one of my favourite flowers - wish they were soon comingout here.

  3. I love there new place on the mantel. Wait... is that a crochet book in your last post that I missed....

    Off to check it out...

    I think I have that same one....

  4. It all looks so very pretty. Love the teapot. I don't have any with that particular shape, it does look like Aladin's lamp!

  5. I love the picture. The soft golden glow... of yellows and amber and gold. Beautiful!

  6. Ahhhh tulips! I can't wait for spring!

  7. Oh, I love when I find something that is handmade or made in the country I live in.;) That happens so rarely.;) Thank you for your great comment yesterday, I so enjoyed it.;)

  8. So so pretty Sandy! Something I need more of in my! Love your little teapot! A-M xx

  9. Hi Sandy
    My eyes went straight to the teapot and completely ignored the glass vase. Sorry.

    So many reasons to treasure this tea pot, not least of which is that your mother owned it but also because it is so beautifully crafted.

    I have one Hall U.S.A tea pot which will never ever don a cosy, or even hold tea. It is a work of art (also a gift) from The Bloke on a birthday.

    Much loved.