Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hand Painted Delft Teapot

The colors on this little multi-colored delft teapot and cup (cup sits upside down on teapot) are pink and blue flowers with green shaded leaves.  

It was a dark, rainy day a few days ago so I decided to make a pot of hot tea.  

Here it is all ready to drink with cream and sugar - this little teapot held three cups of delicious tea.  This little gem of a teapot/cup combination was purchased on a trip to Holland, Michigan years ago.  Holland is a lovely little town on the shores of Lake Michigan and famous for its huge displays of tulip beds and, of course, its delftware pottery.  

Legend on teapot:
  Holland USA

What a nice way to brighten one's day.

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  1. How very devine! It is a brighter day already, thanks for sharing it with us. Take care

  2. Hi sandy, I agree there's nothing like a good cuppa to give you a lift - but a little something sweet to nibble with it seems to make it a whole lot better don't you think?

  3. OO! I think I need to go and put the kettle on!