Monday, January 18, 2010

My Wrist Warmers!

My first pair of wrist warmers!  I single crocheted a rectangle to the size I wanted, added a pretty edging and slip stitched up the side - leaving a small space for my thumb.  I used a F hook and Bernat Berella "4" Knitting Worsted Weight yarn (100% acrylic).  I think for my next pair I will double crochet and then I can compare the two for warmth and comfort.

Now my hands are toasty warm!  

Now where did I put that crochet hook?
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  1. those are so cute! i made a pair and thought i would never get to use them here in florida, but guess what i was wrong.

  2. I really need to make a pair of these. Maybe with my newly dyed yarn.... Love the trim

  3. Well done Sandy, they look great. What's the book I spy underneath? :-)

  4. Those turned out very pretty, what a good idea!