Monday, January 11, 2010

Garage - Before

My hubby and I have been working in our garage the last two summers to fix it.  The previous owners had installed nice wood shelves along two walls.  We discovered that the open shelves were not working for us at all.  We decided to get a shed to put all the yard equipment in and also use as a temporary storage place while we work on the garage.   Next we removed the wood shelves in the garage and my hubby used them in the shed.  Meanwhile we decided to go with a Gladiator Cabinet and Wall Track System in the garage.  The next step was the messy, dirty one as you can see in the photo above.  The garage had never been painted but it did have drywall up.  Unfortunately in some places the paper strips were coming loose which meant that my hubby had to apply new mud to them and then sand them down.   We divided the work to do done by wall section.  The first summer we worked on the back wall leading into the house.  Since the garage had never been painted we applied two coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss.  Once the paint was dry Hubby installed the wall tracks.  We purchased the cabinets whenever they went on sale at Sears or Lowes.  The neat thing about the wall track system is the cabinets can slide on the tracks or can be easily removed and repositioned.  This summer we finished the other two walls and the ceiling.  We still have a few places to install more wall tracks.  My goal is to get as much stuff off the floor as possible for ease of cleaning.  We didn't do anything with the floor and we still have to improve the ceiling lighting.  But it is such an improvement and we can't believe it is our garage.  Finally after 35 years of marriage hubby has a professional workbench with lighting!  We now know where everything is - there is a place for all the tools.  Hubby even let me have several cabinets for my stuff overflowing from the kitchen/house that can be stored in the garage.  

Here you can see the back wall is finished and we have it draped with plastic to keep dust and paint off as we work on the side wall.

We had to more our stuff around several times as we worked on different sections.

That's the back wall with the Gladiator wall tracks up and cabinets hung.  All draped to keep dust and paint off as we continued to work on other sections.

The last wall has two windows on it.  I forgot to mentioned that the temperature was in the 90s F. while we were doing this work.  Two very hot summers - for the last wall we only worked the first 2 hours in the early morning because of the heat.  It was just too hot to work in that humid weather.  I'll do another post of the almost finished garage.   Thanks for joining me for our BEFORE garage tour. Pin It


  1. Gee that looks like you took on quite a big job there but what a good idea to break it up into sections. I think your "dry wall" is what we call "plaster board" by the look of the photos.

    I think I'm going to be green with envy when you reveal the finished garage.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    How wonderful to have a finished garage. We have been talking about having ours done. It's such a mess, everything just gets dumped in there. I can't wait for the great tour.
    Take care,

  3.'ve gone and done it. Now, I want to add on another project to the ever growing list around here. Your's is looking great.

  4. Gosh a great job you are doing - and what great storage you will have at the end of it Sandy! kim