Saturday, January 9, 2010

FYI - Computer Updates!

As we know blogging is all about computers! 

 I have a MAC Apple laptop that I just love.  I can take it anywhere in the house to use - at the kitchen table, out on the porch or on my lap in the family room.  Yesterday I didn't post because my computer was TIED up.  My hubby updated our operating systems on our laptops - to the new Snow Leopard.  And he also installed new updates iLife and iWorks.  Now iLife included iPhoto 2009.  What a great program that is - it has a new features called "Faces" and "Places".  The photo edit program, iPhoto, can recognize faces and you can attach names.  You can call up any individual and find all photos with them in it.  The second fantastic feature is "Places".   Apparently new cameras now have a GPS feature so when you take a photo it attaches where (location) the photo was taken.  Is that cool or what!! Which means you can select any location (on a map) and see all photos attached to that location.  Now our cameras don't have that feature (YET) but for now the program lets you manually set the location on your photos too.  So when we are ready to update our cameras we will make sure we have the GPS feature.  

Now my computer is HAPPY!  

The other FYI is I bought "Print Shop" for my MAC.  I have a Windows card program on our old desktop PC but didn't have one for my MAC until now.  So, I'm a happy camper playing with all my new software.  I finally feel like I have a little understanding of how to do photos now for my MAC and load them into Blogger and/or Facebook.  Of course, without my hubby tech guy  none of this would be possible.  He does the work and I get to play.  

Happy Blogging to all of you.  

Do you get excited about your computer too?
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  1. It all sounds great to me. I LOVE computers! We have IBM compatible types not Apple. I had to learn how to use them when i was teaching but as soon as I got a taste of them I was off. I LOVE all the things you can do with them.

    When we go travelling we use all of our thousands of photo in MovieMaker to make slideshows with music and text. Often we will sit down and zoom off to Alaska or Scotland or Cornwall for a little trip again and that way we never forget the details of our holidays. So much easier than lugging out huge photo albums that can so quickly bore you. Our moviemakers last about 15 minutes each so our friends aren't bored either.

  2. I have a mac too and I love my computer.;) Although I am less happy with the new ones with the intel processor, I have to say.;)
    Thank yo so much for stopping by my place, so glad you know of and enjoyed the Angelique books.;)