Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve Spread

Our kitchen island was decked out with food for our New Year's Eve celebration.  Our main snack was Pap's Pizza Bread (sorry I don't have a photo) - made from a family recipe.  We had our veggie tray, cheese, crackers, Pap's Dip, fruit and desserts - my famous frosted sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Christmas Crap (great snack made by SIL), chocolate candy, brownies from our nephew and my fantastic chocolate pie (another family recipe).  We topped the New Year off with eggnog and then to bed.  We were proud of ourselves we made it through two movies (DVD) without falling asleep.  

The complete spread...my SIL gave me the snowman tower and snowman tray...they are so cute!

My FAVORITE dessert - chocolate pie!!!!!   LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT!  I usually only make it once or twice a year.  My brother also carries on the tradition and make the pies in his family.  

Hope you enjoyed looking at our celebration meal.  
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  1. Oh my what fantastic looking food. And there were only the two of you? that chocolate pie really does look nice. I can feel the calories piling up from HERE !!! how are your preparations going for your holiday ?

  2. yummy i need a piece of that pie right now with my coffee!

  3. The spread looks great.
    I love the snowmen, so cute

  4. Oh boy! Everything looked so good! I have just discovered your very cheery blog and I am enjoying my visit! Have a nice week! Twyla

  5. What a wonderful New Year's spread! I would have dived right into that pie...yummy!

    I had a chuckle over your story in your comment to me..I once baked cookies and left the sugar out! ICK! Had to throw them all away.