Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mother Dove & Baby

While visiting my cousin in AZ last year we noticed a Dove in a nest on her patio. The Dove didn't seem to mind us at all. My cousin said that the Dove was flying around the patio in distress apparently looking for a place to make a nest. When the Dove couldn't seem to make up its mind my cousin said she built the nest for her. After returning home from our trip I asked my cousin if the Dove ever had any babies and she sent photos of the two babies. Here is one of the babies - I had never seen a baby Dove before - isn't it cute!

Here's both babies!

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  1. Darling...such beautiful eyes!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. Cute but I bet they made such a mess. Here we have to be very careful of nesting birds near the house as they are usually covered with bird lice! Yuk!
    Very hot and muggy here this morning - thunder storms predicted later today. Hope your weather is OK and not too cold.

  3. Such a loving pic, makes me remember all my blessings from God...Nature fascinates me, love the picture.