Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Craft/Sewing Room

Some of the bloggers have the most fantastic hobby rooms - decorated so cute.  Unfortunately, my room is more functional and definitely lacks that cozy, cottage cuteness many other bloggers rooms have.  This is my craft/sewing room in one of its clean stages.  It seldom looks as good as this.  Usually the tables are fill of stuff.  This area is one of three finished areas in our basement.  My craft/sewing room doesn't have a window.  We are very glad we have areas for our hobbies.  My hubby has the finished room to the left of the photo.  When I was working (before I retired) my hubby's room was our combined office - split into two sections one for our home office and the other for my teleworker (work-at-home) office. 

You can see my hubby's hobby room through the door to the left and through the pass-through window.  My craft/sewing room is where I make my banners.  I purchased a Cricut personal cutting machine on discount (50%) at Michael's last year.  It is a neat machine and easy to use.   I try to buy additional discs (with different fonts and shapes etc.) when they go on sale.   

This is one of my sewing machines.  In the early 1980s I traded my Singer machine (college graduation gift from my parents) in for this "New Home" (now called "Janone") at the time a 3rd generation computer machine.  That was a BIG deal back then - I know that's hard to believe with all the fantastic computerized embroidery machines out there now.  My "New Home" still sews beautiful.  I didn't take a photo of the opposite wall that has my paternal grandmother's 1940s Singer sewing machine and my Viking serger.  I got the serger a few years ago - took some lessons - and haven't touch it since.    

Hubby put up these nice shelves for my books and magazines.  It's full now.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my craft/sewing room.  Do you have a special place for your hobbies?
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  1. Lucky you with all that lovely work space. I'm VERY impressed with all that tidiness too !!! You sound very competant.
    "gite" is french for a cottage . There are hundreds of these lovely cottages scattered all over France which are rented out for holidays - some are way out in the country and others are in towns and villages. they are absolutely delightful and give you the opportunity to unpack, cook for yourself occasionally , shop at the markets and generally "live the life" as well as washing machines and dryers. We hate the constant living out of a suitcase that goes with travelling so this is a great solution. Every day we set off exploring, doing all the tourist stuff then come home to "our" place - warm and cosy with all the comforts of home and very cheap too.
    I have been retires from primary school teaching for two and a half years now and I LOVE it too. Loved my time as a teacher of 11 year olds but I was very glad to finish as education is changing over here and has become a very stressful, thankless career. Glad I was in it when I was and have some lovely memories
    Cheers for now

  2. What a great room. I'm all about functional too. However, not quite as organized... Did you straighten up for us.

  3. Sandy I wish I had a room like that! My husband and I have a finished basement that is our family room and office and laundry room and..well it's a lot of It's a little cold in winter so I'm glad I have a lap top and can sit in my bedroom.

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice compliments. No, I didn't straighten it up - this is not a current photo. I took this one after rearranging my room this summer. Actually the room isn't too messy now but it isn't quite as neat as this photo. I like to be organized but it's a constant struggle.

  5. Hi Sandy~ ~It is so nice to meet you another neighbor from PA. I was browsing over at BNOTP, Susans, and I am finding a few gals who live near us. We should make plans to get together for a luncheon.
    Your craft room is amazing I love the 2 tables together to make a large space fur crafting. I have a small corner of a room that I use for such things. I'm going back now to follow you so I don't lose you.