Saturday, January 23, 2010

J'aime le Chocolat

I can hardly wait to show you the package I received yesterday from my friend, Bev, of "Sew On And Sew Fourth" blog fame.  

As you can see even the outer envelope is wrapped so cute.  Don't you just love the stamp of the girl with her hives and bees?  Bev is also the witty writer of the blog "Bee Haven Acres".  If you haven't visited her blog about farm life at Bee Haven Acres you are missing out on delightful stories about her farm animals and BEES!

Who wouldn't want to get a package wrapped as cute as this - with sewing pattern wrapping paper, a lovely embellished tag and a beautiful orange ribbon tied through a vintage shell button.

And here it is - the "J'aime le Chocolat" apron!  Isn't it beautiful?  As you can see it fits like a dream!  I have visited Bev's "Sew On and Sew Fourth" blog the last two years drooling over her beautiful aprons.  You can visit her apron and craft blog here.  When she posted this one for sale this week I couldn't resist it.  Her apron is sewn to perfection using two beautiful fabrics - one with chocolate bonbons and the other with tiny chocolate cherries both trimmed with pink piping edging, French seams (that means no open seams to unravel on the underside - great for aprons that get heavy use) and her extra exquisite touches of adding gorgeous trimmings - lace doily, vintage buttons and that adorable vintage scene of the little old fashioned girl who loves chocolate.   The only problem is it is too lovely to wear in the kitchen!

   Thank you Bev for the most beautiful apron - I just love it!!!
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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for posting on my blog about the Steinbeck book. It has been very useful to me and has made me look again at this book with a view to reading it:-)
    I do find it so hard to leave my comfort zone where books are concerned sometimes I need a jolly good push! LOL
    Take care,

  2. Hi Sandy,
    You do have a lovely apron there. I never think to wear an apron - actually don't own one but have been thinking I might make myself one - and I'm a pretty messy cook so it would be a very good idea. No apron i make will be pretty like your though.
    Hmmmmmmmmmm I think I'm getting an idea!!!

  3. You feel about that apron the way I feel about your dishclothes!! Too funny!! The apron is adorable!! She did a lovely job of wrapping that, too! I'll have to go check out her've made me curious now!
    Have a happy Sunday!!

  4. Your apron ROCKS.. Very cool. Off to check out the site. Now, don't get the dirty.