Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How I Started...

How I started...with my love of crochet.

This was my first "how to" crochet book that I purchased back in the late 1980s to learn how to crochet. I don't know if the author - Maggie Righetti - is still with us.  I hope she is and doing well.  This is an easy to read and follow book with great pictures, drawings and diagrams.  When I took up crocheting (for the 3rd time) last year I read this book over from front to back while on our long RV trip to Texas.  After reading it through I started practicing all the stitches as we started on our way back home.  By the time I got home I could do all the basic stitches and managed to practice some fancy ones too!   

If you ever wanted to crochet but didn't think you had the patience please get a good instruction book like this one and do it.  I am not a person of great patience (just ask my hubby...) but if I can crochet you can too.  The best thing about crocheting is if you make a mistake just undo it and try again.  I just love it - it's very calming to the soul.   And the creative possibilities are endless in terms of colors and combinations!   

Let me know if this inspires you to start crocheting.  

If you already crochet "What inspired YOU to start?"  
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  1. Hello Sandy,

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I love your wrist warmers in the post below! I could certainly use some when I am at work. My office is always so cold. My grandmother was the one who taught me how to knit, crochet and cross stitch. With two jobs, I just no longer have the time. The last time I did anything it was last January. I did some cross stitching while I was recuperating from surgery. I agree with you completely that it is very relaxing and forgiving. Thank you for the reminder. I may just have to find a way to squeeze it in my schedule once my mother is out of the hospital.

    ~ Tracy

  2. Hello my friend...Thank You for your words of encouragment and love...
    My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a wee one. I remember sitting in the backseat of our car with my girlfriend after we both had just learned and making chains...just chaining one stitch after another.
    Then we decided to see who could make the longest chain...Ha! needless to say, I can make a chain!,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. I'll be back tomorrow to answer this one. Having a LEMON DAY here...

  4. Hi Sandy
    Can't say that anything inspired me to crochet. As I am self-taught it would have had to be out of books as I am a bit of a reader. Just seem to have needles in my hands, but now my preference is hooks :-)

  5. I started crocheting in high school home ec with a granny square. After high school I made all kinds of little throws with no patterns and my mom would always say that looks nice and then add I should take lessons. My great aunt crocheted and won numerous blue ribbons at the fairs in Oregon. Finally I decided I would buckle down and get better and eventually learned to read the patterns and did do better. What's interesting is I have never been good at attaching things like granny squares (the things I started with). Maybe that should be a goal!

  6. I was shown whilst waiting at the vets with my dog and my mum when I was about 11 or 12 - haven't looked back since!

  7. Hi Sandy :)

    I learned how to crochet years and years ago, but haven't touched it in a very long time. I also needlepoint, but with all our house projects I don't have time at the moment. Maybe one day :)


  8. I was disillusioned by Maggie's book because she insisted there was only ONE way to hold the hook! And the way she thought was right (pencil hold) caused my poor arthritic thumbs much discomfort. So I taught myself the knife hook and now crochet merrily along! I even use that hold with thread crochet.
    pleased as punch,
    Marilyn aka marecrochets