Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Teacups

Today I am playing with my new program "The Print Shop" for MAC.  I discovered I can access my photo in iPhotos and put special effects and/or edit the photos and then export into my blog.  The only problem is the photo  is smaller than I would like even when I choose the size as extra large.  So, I will probably have to call in the tech guy hubby to see if I can modify the photo somehow to be the size I would like.  How do you like this effect?  It is called "leaves".  I think it is pretty.  Well, bear with me as I practice and learn how to use "The Print Shop" for MAC.

Update 1-15-09:  Hubby assisted me did all the work to figure out how to remove the white box around the picture and then I was able to enlarge it - although it is a little burry now.  But isn't this border pretty - it's called "Fantasy" not "Leaves".   Pin It


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I love the lacy white looking edge around your photo! I must get more computer savy. I am having a problem coping from Word and Pasting to my blog post. Have you tried this and does it work for you? Check out my most recent post and you'll see what I mean. What a drag to retype the whole recipe again.

  2. Just stopping by to see what you are up too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping by my garden.

  3. Love the teacups. Like to see more. Will have to check through your blog.
    It's fun, confusing and frustrating learning all these new things. Blogging is certainly stretching our boundaries.

  4. oh! the teacups are lovely. I like the special affects too.

    can you drag the photo frame and make it larger in blogger?

    I don't know how the mac works w/ blogger...same or different?

    I've always next computer would be a mac. Ah... I'm jealous.
    Keep playing with it and let us see, cause I know I'm curious to see more!

  5. Such pretty tea cups. I love the crumb brush (I think that's what it is) in your header. laurie