Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Goodies

Thursday morning we took off in our travel van for the Model Train Show in York, PA.  Usually Hubby goes alone but this time he signed up for a camping site so he could spend the night without having to drive back and forth to the show daily.  

And he bought a ticket for me just in case I wanted to go with him.  

And I did!

The show is one of the largest in the country held two times a year. 

 I enjoyed it - the only negative is they don't allow cell phones (on) or cameras (photo taking) inside any of the buildings.  Bummer for any blogger!

While there I bought some cute things. 

Here are two of them.

The Halloween scarecrow is a collector's vintage plastic candy holder (Rosebro) from the early 1940s. It was expensive ($50) but so unusual I just couldn't resist it. 

 The seller had several different Halloween candy holders but this was my favorite. 

 I wished I could have bought the set but it was just too expensive.

The vintage Mickey Mouse is from 1985 Disney souvenir (Pride Lines Ltd).
Mr. Scarecrow Halloween Candy Holder
Vintage Mickey Mouse souvenir
You can see where the candy is placed on the back.
Mr. Scarecrow up close...sorry it's burry.

 Hubby mentioned I should check to make sure the iPhone lens isn't dirty but this is probably due to low light in the back of our house. 

I have one other purchase to show you later.

Our landscapers are here to landscape a portion of our back yard by the the driveway/garage/deck.  I'll be posting about that project when it is finished. 

That's all today folks!   

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  1. I love vintage holiday items. I have my very first pumpkin that my mom bought for me for my 1st Halloween, I was 2 1/2 months old! It was filled with candy, my mom and dad enjoyed that. :) xo

  2. Well I'm glad you went and had such a good time!
    xo, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...