Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's a Red Letter Day

We ran out to the mall yesterday to pick up a few things. We popped into Kitchen Kapers and out with some kitchen Red.

First I added a cute red spoon rest for the stove.
Then two red canisters scoops - one for sugar and one for flour.
I bought a red school house bird feeder up from the basement for our white shelf display.
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Sorry for the slightly burry photos - the light is low in the back of our home in the morning. 

The sun is out today after a day of rain.  The landscapers are here continuing their work on our front yard.  

I think today I will work on sewing a liner into my new kitchen Buffalo Check red valance. 

Hope you are having a fun day!
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  1. Hi Sandy,
    You know I love red, so your post just made my heart go pitter patter. I love your canisters with their little red scooper's so sweet.
    Sending hugs to you, Elizabeth

  2. I love your red school house bird feeder. It is such a cheerful color. I have splashes of red in my kitchen too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Red is such a great color because, in my humble opinion, it matches everything. That's why red shoes are so terrific--and much less boring than black or brown! I adore red so much that I bought a cherry red kitchen sink. Yup. Crazy, but so fun against the white kitchen counter tops! Love red! And I love your happy red finds, The red scoops are adorable! Thanks for sharing today!

  4. Hi Sandy,

    Well, I am so delighted to have found yet another adorer of RED and one who has honoured this fabulous colour by dedicating a weekly post on it! Kudos to you! I absolutely love your family room and your shelf display in this post and plan to explore your cozy home after I do some housecleaning, as we've been away for a week. Am so very glad to be following you back! Thanks for stopping by my place and hope to see you again soon.