Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Half Empty or Half Full?

What's your view of life?

Do you look at a partial glass of wine as half empty or half full?

I see a half full glass...

Any half way point is a milestone and should be celebrated.

Crocheting, like traveling, is about the journey, not just the destination. 

 Hubby always asks me where I would like to go for our next trip and I always say "Anywhere... I don't care as long as I am with you!"

I view crocheting the same way.

Each little stitch, each color selection is to be enjoyed.

 Sometimes I'm amazed that my hands can fashion these works of art at all.

I'm so glad you are coming along with me on this journey!

Laugh of the day:

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  1. These are sooooooooo..... beautiful

  2. Oh Sandy you are so talented girl
    and the laugh of the day puts me in the Catagory of the insane!
    So happy working with your hands bringss you so much joy!!! ME TOO!
    xo, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. You are so talented at crochet. You and Jeff make such a fabulous couple. I try to look at the glass "half full" at least "half" of the time! xo

  4. Such a cute project! Love all the colors!

  5. Those crocheted flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Your crochet work is gorgeous. I love all the bright colors! And I think it's so nice that your husband plans trips for the two of you.

  7. Wow, Sandy!! What wonderful progress you have made. I seriously love the colors you have chosen! I am definitely a half full kind of gal, too! And when it comes to crochet, I "count" every stitch and motif as progress--even sometimes just inspirational ideas about what I can create. Very exciting post! And thanks for the laugh! Do you mind if I pin your pictures to Pinterest?!

    1. Thanks's a wonderful pattern. And, no, I don't mind if you pin my photos to Pinterest.

  8. Oh you od softie! Im a glass half full girl too. Love your attitude to life.
    PS. sounds like you chose the right fellow and lucky him 'cos he chose the right girl too!

  9. I was just on your pinterest page...followed some of your boards.
    Your crocheting is gorgeous! Very inspirational.
    Thanks for sharing