Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busy Day Cleaning & Crocheting

I've worked up eleven Waikiki Wild Flowers motifs and joined them together. 

 I added two more shades of color to the mix one a deep purple and the other a light pink.

I think it is quite pretty.

Flowers are easy to crochet (easy on hands too) and I wish I could do as good a job at joining as I go as Susan did on hers.  

I'm working on it.

I almost had a crochet "meltdown".  

I just happened to look a one of Susan's photos (below) of her blanket and thought to myself it looked like my "bottom" does.  

Quickly the thought ran through my mind "Did I reverse the stitches somehow?" 

One of Susan's photos.

Now look at my "bottom".

My photo of what (I hope) is the "bottom"!

I had to find out if I goofed or not. 

So I went to Susan's Ravelry site to look at all of her photos again.

I think I'm ok. 

 Susan shows photos of both her top and bottom and I'm pretty sure my top is the "top" and my bottom is the "bottom".

Now that I'm done panicking... here's what I did this afternoon.

I scrubbed down the porch furniture with Spic n' Span. 

 I've used different cleaning products over the years to clean this furniture but nothing I've tried before worked as easily as Spic n' Span. 

 I had to just lightly scrub with a brush and rinse off with the hose but it was easy and cleaned up the furniture beautifully.

Tomorrow I'll do the porch railings. 

 The furniture, once dry, will go into the shed over winter now that it's clean.

Because I have senior moments now ~ like not remembering what day of the week it is ~ I write it down on our dry eraser board every evening for the next day. 

 Hubby surprised me by adding "J + S" to my pumpkin. 

 What a sweetie! 

 Love ya Honey!

PS - Honey volunteered to go get take out for supper tonight because I worked hard this afternoon!!!


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  1. I love the flowers - they are looking real pretty. :)

  2. Hermosas te salieron preciosas pero jamas salen idénticas porque cada una tenemos sello propio pero la idea esta genial te dejo mi cariño.

    1. (translation: Beautiful you came out beautiful but never identical because each have its own stamp but the idea is great I leave my love.)

      AgueroSandra - Thank you for the sweet comment!

  3. Really love how pretty the flowers are turning out... and good for your hubby! Very sweet of him!

  4. You've been a real busy bee today! I love those beautiful, colorful flowers. Wow!!!

  5. Sandy,
    My, oh, my how much you have accomplished!! Yes, you are doing the flowers beautifully! And the 'top' is the 'top' and the 'bottom' the 'bottom'! I actually love both sides equally! Your colors are so wonderful together! And what I wouldn't give to have such a lovely covered porch! Do you mind if I keep my Felted Button facebook friends up-to-date on your Waikiki progress?

    1. Thanks I know I'm not losing my mind with "top" vs. "bottom". And I agree, both sides are pretty. I just love our screened in porch. It was a dream of mine to have a screened in porch one day. We had our old deck replaced the year before we retired with the new porch and deck. It's fine with me to keep your Felted Button FB friends up-to-date with my Waikiki progress. Maybe it will start a Waikiki CAL. You never know.

  6. Looks great Sandy, I love your chalkboard. I also love Spic N span, that was the cleaner of choice in my home when I was growing up, my mother loved it for floors and baseboards. xo

  7. Is there a link you can share with the pattern to make those flowers? My daughter loves flowers on her headbands! She would live this!!!

    1. Hi Katy,
      You can purchase Susan Carlson's Waikiki Wild Flower pattern at Ravelry here:


      at her Etsy Shop website Felted Button here:


  8. I think it's quite pretty too! Cleaning and crochet, that gives me a warm fuzzy!

  9. Hello dear Sandy, I am back from my break.;) What a lovely Halloween/fall like feeling to your blog - love it.;) You have been really busy with crocheting and scrubbing floors.;)
    And I love that you write what day of the week it is - and I LOVE that you and your husband still have that romantic connection after all these years, I hope this will remain between me and husband too.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  10. Love what your crocheting havnt done that n yrs. Colors are beautiful. Can I get instructions :) hope its easy. Sharron