Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baking...up a Storm

I've been busy here at Teacup Lane baking up a storm.

First, I whipped up a batch of Pap's Pizza Bread, a delicious snack and/or meal from my father-in-law. 

 I never forgot the first time my future in-laws served this to my Mom, sister-in-law and me at their house before our wedding. 

 I thought then this snack was from heaven and it still is over 38 years later.

Yesterday I made a double batch of Toll House chocolate chip cookies. 

 They are in the freezer now waiting until Christmas to divy up into cookie tins for the family.

I like the website - particularly the feature that lets you enter your serving portion and adjusts the ingredients as needed.

But the real treat of Christmas is sugar cookies made from my mother-in-law's vintage family recipe. This recipe makes a huge amount of cookies (and can be halved too).

As I age I find I have to spread mixing, baking and frosting the sugar cookies over three days. 

 So today I mixed up the dough. 

 Tomorrow is baking day and Tuesday is frosting day. 

 Probably the hardest step for me is frosting. 

 For some reason even with sitting as we frost and with Hubby helping me that is the most time consuming and fatiguing. 

 But it's all worth it in the end.

You can read all about my sugar cookies (here and here).

I'm trying to get as much Christmas stuff out of the way before our trip to Walt Disney World in November so I can just relax and not think about Christmas things to be done when we return home.  

Speaking of storms... the weather channel is all excited about Hurricane "Sandy" and is giving us here on the east coast 24/7 coverage of what to expect and how to prepare for the high winds and tons of rain coming to our area. 

 I don't remember ever having a hurricane named after me. 

 Hubby's been teasing me about it.

It's VERY dark here - completely overcast with rain and our beautiful Mountain Green maple is losing all its colorful leaves.

Well, it's time to get off the computer and relax...maybe watch a good movie.  

Hubby said he would get "take-out" for supper tonight.  

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  1. Take cover and be safe, Sandy. I want to check out those cookie recipes. Glad you are not on the road just yet. I don't remember a hurricane named Sandy, either, except for this one! xo

  2. Hi Sandy,

    So here we are, two Sandys, creating storms, one baked and bountiful and tasty, the other fierce and fast and on a mission! Seems we need the former, your fuel, to fight the latter, its fury!

    Hope everyone in Sandy 2's path is safe and sound.

    Thanks for sweetening the bitterness of people's worries across the world today.


  3. Sandy, can I have the Pap's Pizza Bread recipe? Please, please, pretty please? You can email it to me if you aren't allowed to share it with the world! I love to see your cookie-frosting every year. I do not have that kind of energy either. I would definitely have to spread it over over a few days too. I hope the recipients appreciate all your hard work. That makes it worth it, doesn't it?

  4. So glad to know you made it through the hurricane, Sandy. A BIG thank-you for mentioning! We love our fans!