Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Colors

Autumn is truly the most beautiful season here at Teacup Lane.
Up Close
This is our Mountain Green Maple - probably the maple with the most stunning fall colors in our neighborhood. 
Reds and Golds
 Deep rich reds and oranges that make my heart sing with glory.
Blue sky and red leaves
The reds change from the top to the bottom.
More Reds
Our landscaper finished his work in our back yard. 

 We had the grass removed from between the sidewalk and garage and had crushed red stone put down instead. 

Our outdoor water faucet is located in the corner here and we store our hose in this area during the summer months.   I plant to get a bench for this area and some flower pots.  

Then we had the bed around our Serviceberry tree edged in stone and mulched. 

 The last improvement was edging the walkway around the deck with stones and adding the same crusted stones around stepping stones. 

No mulch to speak of and weeds and grass growing next to the deck.
It is so clean and neat now. 

 Our goal was to eliminate the need to weed or trim any shrubs or grass close to the house or deck.

A view from the other side.


The landscaper added another stepping stone for me.  

I have short legs and now it just right for walking on.

We are very pleased with the results.

Next year we'll edge and mulch the trees and shrubs on our back property line and hopefully bury the four downspouts.  

We plan to slowly do each section in the back stretching the work and cost over several years.

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  1. Looks beautiful, Sandy. Love the crushed red stone. What a neat idea. You're all set to be cozy for the winter. xo

  2. Yes Sandy it looks much better. Tidy all the time and much less work. Love the Autumn colours.

  3. Very nice upgrades to your garden! :D The fall color you've shared is spectacular! LOVE it!


  4. Hi Sandy,
    I love your Mountain Green Maple, its so beautiful. The colors are amazing! It really brings the feeling of Fall. Wow you all have been so busy with your yard it looks great. We have been working in our yard too. Trying to cut down so much yard time and the weeds, they just never stop growing. I really love all the open space you have and your deck and railing is lovely. Gary and I are looking into a small gate that wraps around our front entry and walkway. By the way I would need a extra step too, my legs are really short I am only 4"11 LOL
    Your bathroom black and white curtains is so perfect for the room, I do like black and white a lot and sure why not go with a white rug.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth