Saturday, October 13, 2012

Decorating for Halloween

It got down into the 30s here last night so I guess Fall is here at Teacup Lane.  

Our trees haven't changed to those beautiful fall colors yet but some trees are starting to drop their leaves.

The central heat has been on for the last few days here and I'm turning on my side of our bed's heated mattress pad at night now. 
Mr. Pumpkin Head and Ms. Bones are here to greet our Trick or Treaters.
A co-worker of mine painted this cute black cat for me many years ago.
Doesn't everyone have a Halloween Witch Doll?
Our family room all done up for Fall and Halloween.
This was the only place big enough to hang this large greeting!

We have a few Fall and Halloween decorations.   

Most of our decorations are for Christmas.

Mr. Scarecrow likes to hang around Teacup Lane!

I love these fabric leaves I found - they look so cute on our fireplace mantel.

Our pumpkin candle has a spider crawling on it!

My orange, yellow and cream colored potholder is perfect for setting out at Halloween.

I had to hang our Fall Leaves wreath on our new Pella front door!
We put a string of orange lights outside on each side of the front door.   

Hopefully I can take a photo at dusk with the lights and Mr. Pumpkin Head lit up to show you soon.

Yesterday we had to go to the dentist for the second time this week!  Both of us had to have a filling repaired.  Our appointments were right before lunch and we had to wait for the numbness to lessen before we could eat lunch.  We are glad that is over and we don't have to go back for six months. 

Thanks for dropping by to see our home all decorated for Halloween

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  1. Great decorations. It's cold here but not that cold!

  2. Everything looks nice and sweet for Halloween. I haven't even started so I better get busy before it's all over with. I to have more things for Christmas, it's my favorite time of the year! Shari

  3. I've never decorated for Halloween, only in recent years has it really gained any importance over here. Love the witch and your leaf wreath.
    Carol xx

    1. A lot of people here like Halloween even more than Christmas. My niece for one but Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I started decorating in the early 90s for Halloween. I don't do too much. But I like to put one or two strings of orange lights out. Lots of memories trick or treating as a child though with my brothers.

  4. Beautiful home and festive decor. I looove your bookshelves!

  5. Oh I do like your Halloween decorations. It's only in recent years that Halloween has taken off here in the UK. It's still not as popular as in the States. A lot of people here don't like it as they see it as a form of begging :(