Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teddies Love Wild Flowers

I'm on my third row of motifs for my Waikiki Wild Flower Blanket.

Sam says "Hi" !

Sam loves sitting among the colorful wild flowers.

What a sweet face!

I love the pink rose headband on Annabel's head.

Annabel and Sam are the best of friends teddies.

(Source: Pinterest)

Laugh of the day!

Reminds me of getting dental x-rays.  

At least that's how my mouth feels.

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  1. Teddies, blankets, crochet, all go so well together. Hope your mouth is feeling better! xo

  2. Sandy, your blanket looks perfectly wonderful! It is so exciting to see how much progress you have made! My whole family got a chuckle over the "What cracker?" picture! LOL! Love it!