Monday, October 29, 2012

The Two Sandy's

It's ugly here...wind gusts and rain...lots of rain. 

 The worst is forecasted for midnight when Hurricane Sandy is centered more over us.

I'm baking my Sugar Cookies as I type this. 

 Hope to finish before any power outages. 

 (Done before 2pm - 163 sugar cookies baked!)

We filled our bathtub up with water you know just in case the worst happens.

The state of Delaware has closed all roads down, all the malls and schools are closed there and here in PA.  

Delaware is just down the road from us less than 3 miles. 

 The flooding will be bad I'm sure. 

 Luckily our house sits on high ground so we don't have the worry about flooding as many do here.

Our sump pump has turned on twice this morning for a few seconds.  

It hardly ever turns on.   

We bought our travel van up from storage because our storage site is right along the creek that can and has flooded. 

 Plus if we do lose power our van has a generator and we can always cook and sleep out there.

Please take care of yourselves if you are affected by this hurricane too.

My prayers go out to all of you!   
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  1. Prayers for you too - stay safe. :)

  2. We are praying for all of you! Here in Ohio we are expecting rain and wind but nothing like whats going on your way. Take care!

  3. Sending prayers your way. I have a ton of stuff I can be doing, but when nervous the way I am now, I shut down and just have to fret. I actually did a little post with two photos of the flooding here. Stay safe and dry. Sounds like you've got a good plan. xo

  4. Lots of prayers are being sent your way to your family and neighbors. I know first hand what happens during hurricanes here in Louisiana I have been though a few. It is truly sad what mother nature can do. Stay safe!

  5. Take care.Here in the UK we are watching news bulletins all the time to see how you guys are.Hope it isn't as bad a predicted.thinking about you and keeping our fingers crossed.

  6. Thinking of you and all USA citizens who will be affected by this storm. Take care. xx

  7. Prayers for you, Sandy! And all the others affected by this! Hunker down and be safe!

  8. Sandy,
    Prayers to you all and everybody affected by the storm. I'm thinking of you. Stay safe.
    Your cookies look so yummy! Linda from Arizona

  9. Thanks for all the well wishes! The wind is still gusting and it's raining hard but we still have power here. We ate supper early just in case and Hubby bought up all the flashlights. We're about 70 miles inland from Atlantic City. The flooding there is of their boardwalk have washed away.

  10. Be safe and many prayers for you and the others affected by this storm. Your cookies look so good! you have been very busy!

  11. I join my thoughts and prayer for everyone affected. I hope all goes well for seem well prepared.

  12. as a neighboring state, Maryland was in her path too. Thank the Lord we didn't lose power completely; a couple of black outs here and there. Our sump pump was working overtime yesterday, every 20 seconds, it'll go off. Glad you are ok!