Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Now? Lots Going On!

Now that I have some plate wall hangers maybe I can get around to hanging these Royal Albert teacup saucers.

I have the matching cups hanging from our ceiling light fixture in our dinette.

I'm loving the "back" of my Rainbow Scrap Afghan.

The "back" is folded over onto the "Front" in these two photos.

It's kind of a wavy rainbow stripe affect.

I'm in SHOCK !

Guess where we booked a tour for next April with our friends from college?

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to travel abroad to England, Wales and Scotland. 

This will be my first trip across the pond.  

 I'm so excited because I love English history and have always wanted to visit the United Kingdom.

So my dear UK blogging friends what's your weather like in mid April to early May? 

 We want to travel VERY light..but still be dressed appropriately.

Nothing fancy just comfortable clothing for travel.

Yesterday we ordered some neat travel clothing that comes with tons of pockets...zippered pockets and hidden pockets.  Gee, maybe I can leave my purse at home.  

We also ordered and received some underwear that is lightweight, fast drying - that you can wash out in the sink and let dry overnight.  

We're going to try out some travel clothes on our trip to Walt Disney World in November.  

Next year is going to be very busy for us with two Walt Disney World trips already reserved, now the UK tour abroad booked and we're also thinking of another travel van trip to Alaska during the summer.

I better get busy and prepare lunch for Hubby.

And then maybe I can do a little crocheting!


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  1. British could get all 4 seasons in just one day! Come prepared, lots of layers and a brolly. :)

  2. Traveling abroad sounds fun...I don't like flying, so I can't go. {smile} But you can tell us all about it when you get back. In the mean time, you must tell us about quick dry undies! LOL... Never heard of such a thing!


  3. I like that saying at the end. A travel van trip to Alaska?! Oh my, that sounds fantastic (for me even more exciting than Europe) in your 'home away from home'. I can't even imagine how how it will take and the miles covered. What scenery you will see. I think you can expect lots of rain in the UK in the spring. xo

  4. Couldn't comment yesterday but I'm back today to say "Yippee!" You're going to love your visit to the UK. The history is wonderful though complicated - read up a bit before you go. I'm so excited for you.

  5. Like Dak said you can get all four seasons in one day here in the UK We've had snow on the ground in mid April and we've also also heatwaves so definitely wear layers.

    We've over 2000 years of history here. Some good, some not so good. I don't know how long you plan to visit but if you're visiting England, Wales and Scotland, it'll be more of a whistle stop if you want to see everything. Get plenty of books to plan the places you really want to visit :)