Monday, September 17, 2012

PWRVEC Rally & Hershey RV Show 2012

We had a beautiful long weekend attending a PWRVEC Rally and Hershey, PA RV Show 2012. 

(PWRVEC = "Pleasure Way RV East Coast" club members )

This was our campsite at Highmeadows Campground in Hershey. 

 It's across the street from Hershey Park where the RV Show was held. 

 A lovely creek runs right next to our site.

There were 68 Pleasure Way travel vans and 129 people at the rally. 

 They put up this huge tent for our activities. 

 We had a wine and cheese gathering the first night of the rally and a pot luck supper the last night.

This huge barn is the Highmeadows campground's store and office.

Last year the campground was closed due to the floods during the RV Show.   

Water reached to the top of the first floor ceiling in this building  -20 feet high! 

Our rally had to be moved to another campground further away.

It's amazing the work that was done to clean up the mess - everything looked clean and new.

That's me relaxing in a Pleasure Way van at the show. 

 We visited the RV Show on Thursday and Friday before the huge weekend crowds appeared.

Some of the small Class B's and C's had a newer style of refrigerator that was tall and slim rather than short and boxy.

For those of you that are clueless when it comes to RVs.  

There are three general "classes" of recreational vehicles.  

Usually the largest of RVs are Class A's which are the motor homes, down in size are the Class C's which are built with a truck front and a separate body that are joined together and the smallest RVs are the Class B's which are built on a van body and are all one piece.

Our RV, a Pleasure Way travel van, an Excel TS model, is built on a van body with a Ford E350 chassis.   

Back to the refrigerator.

Here's the inside of one of the slim refrigerator.  

There's a lot of room inside this baby!

Winnebago always has nice Class C RV units. 

 This one had a neat sofa that becomes two recliners and/or a bed at the touch of a button.

I tried to get a photo of the RV Show. 

 This is just one section that shows rows and rows of different RVs going off into the distance.

This show is huge!

Downtown Hershey has these adorable street lamps shaped like Hershey Kisses alternating between an unwrapped chocolate kisses and wrapped silver kisses.

After all this is the town that chocolate built!

And I'll leave you with a view of Pleasure Way's newest model - a slightly larger unit - more of a "B+" than "B" called "The Pursuit". 

 One of our Pleasure Way club members ordered the first one to come off the line in November.

This is the reason why we like to RV!  

Our home is where our heart is!  

And our bathroom (most important)...our bedroom...our kitchen...and our living room!!!!


Oh, I almost forgot, we were so busy over the weekend I never even picked up my crochet hook!

When we got home we had great news.  

I'm so excited..our new Lazy Boy chairs are in and are now scheduled to be delivered this week!

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  1. I love Hershey, have spent many happy days there, and several Thanksgiving weekends, which were just great. I love the idea of RV'g, a great way to see our country. xo