Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm adding some new hues and more rows of green and blue yarns on my...

 Rainbow Scrap Afghan.

Two nights ago I discovered my left edge was wrong. 

I had to frog five color rows back and redo them.

Just now I discovered my right edge is wrong. 

 Some how I've been slightly increasing the last few rows - errrrr!

"To frog or not to frog?" that is the question!

If you don't look at the edges it looks fine.

If you are interested, I found where you can purchase this Annie's Attic "scrap crochet" booklet with the pattern on Amazon (here).

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  1. Oh Shoot! Well....if it isn't noticable...maybe NO FROG?

  2. I'd leave it as is. Most people wouldn't notice anyway!

  3. I am so picky about my own work I would frog an entire afghan if I messed up so I know how hard e are on ourselves. but honestly I would leave it since it's really not that noticable.

  4. Yes to the frogging...because every time you took at it you will see the mistake and it will drive you crazy...I know it has happened to me too. I just rip it out and start over (as painful as it is) it must be done.
    Keep us posted..
    Have a sweet day, sending big hugs your way.