Monday, September 10, 2012

Here at Teacup Lane Today...

The sun is shining here finally. 

 It's suppose to be nice the next five days. I hope it stays nice because we're going to the largest RV Show in the USA this Thursday - the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, PA. 

 We're meeting 66 other Pleasure Way travel van owners at a campground for a four day rally while the RV show is running.

I had another episode of soreness in my hip this weekend. 

I woke up yesterday and my hip was better but my lower back wasn't. 

My Dad use to say "Getting old isn't for sissies!"

 I guess I shouldn't complain about aches and pains because I know things could be worst.

So I'm resting with two heating pads (one for my hip and another for my back) and I guess the plus factor is resting is giving me plenty of time to crochet and watch my recorded TV programs. 

 Oh, last night I watched "The Vow," with Tatum Channing on cable. 

 I loved it. 

 He's great! 

 What a beautiful love story and it is based on a true story.

I'm sure you Blogger bloggers have seen the message regarding Blogger removing the old interface "in a few days". 

 I just don't care for the look of their new interface. 

 There doesn't seem to be any way to personalize it either. 

 It just seems like such a drastic change. 

 I wish they left it alone and just made it easier to do different headers. 

 That was my only issue.

It's so wonderful to have sunshine and light flowing into our home after days of darkness and rain.

 Hubby said our rain was from the recent hurricane down south. 

 Hard to believe it could stretch this far north.

Thanks for visiting!  

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  1. I am hanging on with both hands to the old interface. The new one is so convoluted and hard to find things, I hate it. I switch back and forth, currently in the old one. Have fun in Hershey, I love that place. xo

  2. Oh lordie...I hope my template and header are not affected with the Blogger change. I think I did it all with the new interface. Hope so!