Monday, September 24, 2012

Frogging Done...and Not Much Else!

I frogged back to my unravel spot. 

 I like the cute teeny, tiny balls of yarn frogging creates.

Two color rows are re-crocheted. 

Thirteen color rows to re-do.

I added two little Hershey chocolate mugs to this collection of four little coffee mugs. 

 Just what I need...more mugs! 

 LOL !

Hubby went to jury duty early this morning. 

I miss him! 

 Now that we are retired I love having him around 24/7. 

 I have to eat lunch by myself.

Pity party here!

Not much to crow about here this morning. 

 Just a relaxing day ahead...

 although I have projects I should work on...

 but they may be set aside again.

(Source:  Pinterest)

This cute kitty looks like me in my new recliner! 


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  1. Sorry you had to do more frogging! The little balls of yarn are cute though. I wish my hubby was retired. I miss him every Monday after the weekend! There's always room for a new mug:)
    Love the kitty on the skateboard. You just kick back in that recliner while Hubby is away today and work on your afghan.

  2. I feel for ya having to frog all those rows and do them over. I did that twice yesterday with my sampler. It took me all day to do about 5 inches because of it. Grr... Oh, well! I'd be crocheting on something anyway, just like you.

  3. Hope he gets off early, Sandy. I have to say, even your 'mistake' looks good. ;) xo

  4. Hi!

    I love the mug on the far left! ... I don't like frogging at all. Especially if your frogging yarn that will look WORN OUT when your done.