Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh..No..Not Again !

Do you have this happen to you?

See that little, short navy blue thread !!!

There I was late last night crocheting away and as I finished the first green color rows (of my last section) I noticed something strange on the edge of my afghan many rows back.

A loose thread somehow came undone 13 color rows back! 

 There's no way to repair it without frogging.

I was a teeny tiny upset when I went to bed last night. 

 But this morning when I mentioned it to Hubby about how upset I was - wouldn't you know he made me feel better. 

 Because... as he reminded me... it's just crocheting - whether it's a new section or reworking an old section.

It's the love of crocheting and not just finishing a project.

Hubby has jury duty tomorrow - a good time for me to rip it out.

I know I will feel better once it is fixed.

It's a beautiful day here!

I love this time of the year.

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  1. Sandy, can't you use a sewing needle and try fixing it that way? Give it a go before you pull it all out. At least you spotted it before you did any more.

  2. Jeff is very wise, Sandy. And you don't have a deadline. It's crochet, have fun with it! Weather is glorious here too. Perfect. xo

  3. I have had a motif unravel from the center! So I feel your pain. Good luck.

  4. Oh... I don't like frogging. Nope. Hope you get it done in quick time and are back doing what you love...crocheting!

    ...I carry my crocheting to the when the Honey has an appt. It helps to pass the time. Not to mention it's a conversation starter. :) Pat