Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dust Free at Teacup Lane

Hubby was busy yesterday earning huge "brownie" points. First he loaded the new iPhone operating system IOS6 on our iPhones and then he installed "Mountain Lion," the newest operating system for our Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

I think it is appropriate my new little bunny bookend holds up a book about birding, "The Best Year," and our famous vet stories, "The Best of James Herriot".

IOS6 greatly improves the low light camera feature on our iPhones. 

 Look at the brightness in this indoor nighttime photo! 

 No flash was used at all!

I'm moving stuff all around. If you look closely you can see a quilt stand holder I moved into the corner of our family room and hung two vintage and very colorful quilts on it.

I hate electrical cords and wall sockets showing and the quilt stand hides all of that ugly mess.

My Mom, while retired and living in Florida, gave this cute shell hen to my Mother-in-Law many, many years ago. 

 Now it sits in my home.

I can't resist changing out my crochet corner either.

Now I'm going to tell you about a fantastic cleaner. 

 And I'm not getting paid to do this - I just love this product.

This cleaner is sold at RV shows but you can easily order it on-line (here) or by calling (813) 643-6331 here in The States.

It's called "Touch of Purple" and it is specifically formulated to safely clean and polish all types of jewelry, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. For you "green" freaks it is earth friendly and biodegradable and contains no abrasives, no ammonia and no acids.

This is just one reason I love this product...just spray and lightly buff dry your computer and TV screens and it repels dust for weeks due its anti-static property. 

 Works on those nasty, dusty ceiling fans too.

Check out their website (here). 

 I'm so happy not to have a 53 inch dusty TV screen in my family room anymore. 

 I could never keep it dust free before using "Touch of Purple".

Now it's bright and shiny and dust free!!

Oh, I almost forgot - here's where I hung my vintage blue and white plate.

Have a lovely weekend!

I just realized this is my 700th post!  

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  1. Wow, congrats on 700 posts!! That's a lot of wooly projects!! lol Thanks for the info on this cleaner - I am going to check it out. xo

  2. Thanks for telling me about TOUCH OF PURPLE! I may have to try that.


  3. Congrats on 700 posts. It wil take me forever to get to 700 hehehe. Your home is so bright cheerful....I am jealous ;)

  4. Everything looks so nice and clean and homey! I love all your pretties, your quilts and crochet work. Ahhh..... so wonderful. I will be looking into the purple stuff. Thanks. And I have a question. I am not so computer savvy and I don't know... how do you get your blog name on all of your photos? I can't figure it out.