Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Frogged It...

I tried undoing just the ends of the rows that were off. 

 But it didn't work so I frogged back EIGHT colors - all the way back to black. 

 That's them - the frogged yarn in the little eight balls of yarn along the side. 

 I'm re-crocheting them in a slightly different order than before. 

 This is why it better not to sew your ends in as you go along on some projects.

This may be my next project. 

 I loved this flower afghan and broke down and purchased the downloadable pattern on Ravelry yesterday.

I gathered together some of the Caron Simply Soft yarns I recently purchased that I think would look beautiful in this afghan. 

I haven't tried crocheting one of the flowers yet. 

 The pattern has lots of photos but no diagram of the flower. 

 I like written patterns with photos and even tutorial videos but I also like to see a corresponding diagram

 I'm more of a visual type of person.

(Source:  Pinterest)

This is what the Waikiki WildFlower afghan should look like. 

 Well, this beauty will have to wait until I finish my Rainbow Scrap Afghan.

Want to see two sweet baby cousins? 

 Our grandniece and nephew are growing up like brother and sister.

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  1. Thata girl...a pain in the butt I know to rip out rows but now you can re-play with your colors. You are so talented and creative I know you are going to design a beautiful afghan.
    I love the waikkki wild flower looks like it would fun to crochet. I am looking for a pattern to work on during the winter. I think I'll look for this to purchase.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  2. Rippit! :-) Hope this is the last time you have to frog this thing! Love the flower pattern. Cute kids.

  3. Such a bummer when you have to rip back. I like the look of the flower pattern. Very nice :)

  4. I knew you'd end up frogging! I'd have done the same. I'm a perfectionist and it would have driven me nuts! Those are some beautiful baby cousins ~ the true blessings of life!

  5. I love your photos of where you crochet.. I think my space is way too messy for words and would be afraid to show everyone! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Such a shame you had to frog it! But, its looking so beautiful, I cant wait to see the finished item. That flower afgan is amazing, being new to crochet the idea of an afgan scares me a little!

    Jerra xx