Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LaZ Boy... and, ah, Lazy Days Are Here!

Two very nice young men delivered our new LaZ Boy chairs today.

They removed our old, and I mean OLD...

(over 26 years old!) 

...Sears five piece modular unit from our family room.

And replaced the unit with our new chairs.

First one up is...

...the new manual wing back chair (Jennings High Leg Recliner) in a beautiful floral red, light blue and green on a beige background fabric. 

 We ordered extra floral fabric so we can recover our navy blue leather Ethan Allen wing back chair and ottoman to match the new floral wingback chair.

This is my new Lancer Power Recliner - we bought two so Hubby and I each have one.

This is Hubby's. 

 The chair positions are almost unlimited for the feet, back, head and lumbar spine.

And so comfortable - it is heaven!

I love the extra room to walk around that we have now in our family room.

And this floral fabric really pops and, by the way, looks great with the new Country Curtains.

I couldn't get a good picture of the chair with the valances - the light from the window kept darkening the room.  

How do you like my new header? 

I just never could figure out how to do a blog header that would stretch all the way across my blog and not leave spaces on each side of the header photo.

That is until today!

I found a fantastic blog header tutorial on Pinterest that was so easy to do using a free photo editing program similar to the old cancelled Picnik called "".

Barb at Every Day Home blog has put together a wonderful tutorial...leading a dummy like me through the process step-by-step with great photos.  She also has a previous post (here) regarding blog headers too.

And I didn't have any issues with the placement and/or size of the header - it went into my blog without any problem.

If you would like to have a professional blog header I would encourage you to try this tutorial.  It was so easy... just like Barb said it would be...within 15 minutes I had a lovely new blog header.

Thank you so much Barb!

What a great chairs and a new blog header!

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  1. Things are looking mihgty cozy there at Teacup Lane now! And I am in love with the beautiful floral wing back!!! OH ~ Love the new header too :)))

  2. I love your new header, and I love Barb's blog. I have to check it out, I am still having problems with mosaics, uploading the photos. I don't know. Your chairs look very comfy cozy, and the fabric brightens up that corner spot nicely. xo

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Oh YES I do love your new chairs.....and I think your curtains will look perfect with them. I would come over and laze with you in them and crochet if I only could. So pretty I really love the floral and your new header looks beautiful but I miss your beautiful crochet blanket full of color.
    Sending love and hugs, Elizabeth