Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thank You !

Anchor Hocking (Montana) Glass Canisters with Red Metal airtight lid.

For being my friend !

Product in large size can be found (here)

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  1. I love your big containers with the red lids. Are those glass or plastic? I keep my sugar and flour in big plastic containers (like Tupperware only not).

    1. Hi Pammy Sue,
      The canisters are glass with metal sealable lids. They are Anchor Hocking (Montana) glass canisters. You can also get them with glass lids (but they didn't appear to seal as well as these metal ones) and in black and silver metal lid colors too. I got a large to hold flour and then a size down to hold sugar and my Keurig coffee K-cups. I first heard of them on the blog

      I bought mine through Amazon but they are sold at many big box stores especially the glass lid ones.

      Check out the red metal lid large one here:

  2. You are so welcome....and thanks right back @ ya!!! ;P

    LOVE your canisters! Red is my have (as you well know.....)