Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Country Curtains Time

My Red Buffalo Check Country Curtains arrived. 

 I think they will go with the flowered fabric I order for two of my wingback chairs.

Of course I won't know for sure until the chairs are delivered. 

 It's been about six weeks since we placed the order for the Lazy Boy chairs so I'm hoping they will be here within the next few weeks.

We've packed our travel van for our short RV trip to Hershey, PA tomorrow.

For my readers not familiar with Hershey, Pennsylvania, it's known for being the town built on chocolate.

The Hershey RV Show is huge. 

We can't even visit all of the displayed campers and motor homes. 

 There's just too many spread over a huge parking lot area. 

 We usually pick a few RV manufacturers we are interested in to view their new campers.

We bought another memory form mattress cushion for our bed in the van. 

This one is four inches thick. 

 We put it on top of our previous 1 and 1/2 inch one. 

 It's so soft and comfy.

Back to my new Country Curtains...the two valance sets that will go over the kitchen sink aren't lined. 

I'm going to line them because the sun shines thought that window fairly strong.

It's a beautiful day here. 

 Hubby has our travel van hooked up to electricity to cool down the small refrigerator so we can pack our frozen and cold stuff. 

Clothing is packed and out there. 

 A small selection of DVDs and books are loaded. 

 I'll probably leave my Rainbow Scrap Throw at home and take another smaller crochet project with us. 

The Rainbow Scrap Throw project takes many different colors of yarn and will take up too much space in the van.  I may take just a few skeins of yarn to practice crocheting the flower for the Waikiki Wild Flower Blanket.  

We're excited about getting away for a few days. 

 I may not post until we get home but I'll tell you all about our trip.

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  1. A trip! How nice! I love your travel van. It looks to be just the right size for 2...which would be me and DH!

  2. Have a great time at the RV show. :)

  3. Have fun, Sandy, it is the sweetest place on earth and a nice time of year, too. xo

  4. sounds dreamy!
    I'd love to go camping in the camper.
    Still haven't done any more work on it...we've stalled out so to speak.
    Y'all have fun!
    I'm sure you'll take lots of pictures to show us...and come back with completed project even! :) Pat

  5. Drive safely and have a great time.

  6. I once visited Hersey and think I gained 10 pounds just smelling the air. :) Love that red checked fabric!

  7. Have lots of fun and enjoy your trip. Heather